Getting to Know Smart Cameras

Getting to Know Smart CamerasA smart camera is different from a regular home security camera because it can integrate with lots of sensors in your home, and a smart camera can actually learn your behavior.   For instance, if you normally disarm the alarm at 8:00 am and rearm it at 7:00 pm, your smart camera will begin to build that information into your household profile.  Then if someone tries to disarm the alarm, say at 9:00 pm, the camera will be on alert for clues of whether or not this person belongs in your home.  Through the app on your phone, you will be notified that someone is lurking about.

Some smart cameras, like the Nest Cam IQ, are even able to learn faces.  You can “teach” them to distinguish friends from strangers.  When a stranger appears in this camera’s sight, it will notify you right away.  If you recognize the person as a friend stopping by to see if you’re home, you can tell the Nest Cam IQ that this person is okay.

Benefits of Modern Smart Cameras

Security cameras have been in homes for decades, but today’s generation bears very little resemblance to its ancestors.  They may share functionality but that’s about all they have in common today.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about today’s modern smart cameras:

They may be tiny but they have big brains. As we already mentioned, some smart cameras learn patterns of behavior while others go even further to learn faces and names.  All of this is made possible by modern computing stuffed into a very tiny package.

Minimal wiring is needed. Those old school security cameras required wiring to be run between the television and the recording devices you were using.  Smart cameras connect to your devices by using WiFi, only needing one wire to connect to the power.

No need for monitoring plans. Gone are the days of payment plans to monitoring services or consuming space in your home for self-monitoring devices.  Now you can monitor your camera in real time via an app on your phone, no matter where you are.  It’s a snap to “drop in” to check out how things are going at home, or review videos to see if your kids threw a party while you were away.

Cloud video storage. Since your videos will be stored in the cloud, you will be able to download any that you wish to save, providing you download them within the allotted time frame.  To save them without downloading right away, you will need a subscription plan, so this could add some expense.

Add A Smart Camera To YOUR Home Security

Smart cameras are really one of the best ways to keep your home and family safe, even when you’re far away.  Like doing DIY projects?  Many smart cameras are designed to be installed by the homeowner.  Need some help finding a smart home professional?  Contact me for some recommendations.

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