8 Reasons You Need a Buyer Specialist

8 Reasons You Need a Buyer SpecialistIf you’re shopping for a house, or just beginning to think about it, there’s one person that you absolutely need on your side: a REALTOR® who is a Buyer Specialist.  Potential buyers often think they can go it alone, but there are a number of things they may not have considered.

What is a Buyer Specialist and How are They Compensated?

A Buyer Specialist is your representative throughout the transaction. When you choose a REALTOR® who is also a Buyer Specialist, he or she will be committed to acting in your best interest at all times.  He or she is legally bound as a REALTOR® by a strict Code of Ethics and Standard of Practice, and as a Buyer Specialist you will be carefully represented and thoroughly protected throughout your entire home search and real estate transaction.

Many people are nervous about choosing a Buyer Specialist because they’re under the impression that they will have to pay a fee for their services. However, the fees that a Buyer Specialist and their company earn are determined by what was negotiated by the seller and their listing agent.  Buyers don’t typically pay their agent directly since the brokerage commission is determined when the house is listed for sale.

Buyer Specialists Make Everything Easier for You

Your Buyer Specialist is a lot more than a pencil pusher. They can help make your purchase so much easier in so many ways. Here are just eight of them:

  1. Knowing the market inside and out. There’s only so much you can learn about your housing market simply by looking at houses online. A Buyer Specialist can educate you on what houses have been selling for and can advise you on market value of any home you fall in love with, guiding you to get the most home for your money.
  2. Wanting you to buy the right house, not just any house. A good Buyer Specialist will understand your wants and needs.  He or she will gladly pound the pavement looking at houses for you while you’re off working or having a life. Then they’ll make a short list of what to see, saving you time and effort by eliminating houses you’d never buy anyway.  Your Buyer Specialist will keep at it until the right house appears, no matter how long it takes.
  3. Being a sounding board during the stressful buying process. There’s no better way to put it; buying a house can be emotionally draining.  It becomes exponentially harder when you add a spouse or partner into the equation.  Your Buyer Specialist has walked lots of people through the process, from home shopping to the closing table.  He or she will be there for you when you start to panic or stress over the process.
  4. Giving you advice on crafting a compelling offer.  Your Buyer Specialist has typically written lots of offers, some that were accepted, some that were not.  You can take advantage of their professional experience in writing an offer that will appeal to the seller.  After all, if you offer too little the seller may be insulted and not even give you a counter offer, and if you offer too much you might regret it later.  Your Buyer Specialist will guide you to get the most house for the least amount of money.
  5. Protecting you and your rights throughout the buying process.  Your Buyer Specialist is the intermediary who stands between you and all the worst things in the market.  He or she is the one who will point out shoddy workmanship in homes you might be considering, as well as recommending home pros who can fix it.  He or she will also go to bat when it’s time to negotiate repairs after your home inspection.  With every step, your best interest is his or her first priority.
  6. Fighting for you if a contract goes sour.  Hiring a Buyer Specialist is a little like taking out an insurance policy. He or she will help you write your contract and walk you through the buying process, but there is also another vital role to play.  If things happen to go wrong, your Buyer Specialist is going to find a solution to fix it, helping you weave your way through messy issues that sometimes surface.
  7. Spotting value you may not see on your own.  You have decided on a budget and certain specifics you want in your home.  If you are not finding exactly what you want, you may be able to achieve your goals by knocking down a wall or converting an attic into a bedroom, for example.  Oftentimes it is very hard for buyers, especially first time buyers, to see beyond the existing characteristics of a home.  An experienced Buyer Specialist will have seen and experienced all kinds of renovation projects, conversions, purchases and sales, and he or she can add a perspective you may not have considered on a home that may not exactly check all your boxes.
  8. Serving you even after your closing.  Your Buyer Specialist won’t just drop you once your closing date has passed.  He or she will be around for you whenever you need help with any real estate-related questions or concerns.  Never hesitate to contact him or her with questions or concerns, and feel free to invite him or her to stop by once you get moved in.  Buyer Specialists love to know their buyers are happy with their home purchase!

As a Buyer Specialist for The Hohrein Group at Keller Williams Realty Central Delaware, I will be sure to cover all 8 of these points, as well as many more.  So, contact me here or give me a call TODAY!  I’m ready to go to work for YOU, and remember it won’t cost you a cent.  My services to you are FREE!!

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