2019 ~ New Year! New Home?

2019 ~ New Year! New Home?Are you wondering if NOW is a good time to buy that home you’ve been wanting?  Well, look at the advantages you have for buying a New Home in this New Year:

Advantage #1:  Those sellers who waited until after the holidays to list their home will be entering the market.  This gives you, a buyer, more inventory to choose from NOW.

Advantage #2:  Since many buyers will wait until Spring rolls in to begin their home search, YOU will have less competition NOW.

Advantage #3:  Sellers who list their home for sale before the Spring market are more motivated to sell since there are less buyers searching.  This allows YOU to get the best deal NOW.

So, what do you say?  Are YOU ready NOW to start YOUR home search and check out the new, increased inventory, compete with less buyers, and get the best deal possible?

Call, text or email me right away to get started.  I’m ready, are YOU?

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